Mother's Day 2018

An array of services to celebrate "mom" or a special person that has touched your life for Mother's Day! VIP has created soothing and healing services to nuture "mom" as she has always been the one to nuture others.


The Ultimate Mother's Day Package 2018

A total day of pampering. This package can be used as individual appointments by your special someone and has very nurturing properties in all services offered.

Gift Certificate includes:
Mother's Day Healing Manicure
Mother's Day Healing Pedicure
Mother's Day VITAMIN C Facial
Mother's Day Nurturing Massage

Mother's Day Nuturing Package$265.00  

Mother's Day Healing & Nurturing Manicure

Our "Newest Edition IBX" added just in time for Mother's Day. "IBX" is a nail product that is infused into the natural nail bed to instantly see and feel healing and strengthening effects. Your nails will feel stronger and healthier right after the application. While enjoying a latte, tea, hot chocolate, or flavored water from our coffee bar, a warmed neck wrap is placed around neck & shoulders for an instant sense of relaxation. After infusing your nails with our new treatment; your manicure will begin. A relaxing arm and hand massage and a choice of our large selection of polishes completes this amazing service.

60 minutes$35.00  
Add Shellac$50.00  

Mother's Day Nuturing Candlelit Pedicure

2018 Mother's Day Pedicure is all about nurturing and relaxation.
Our pedicure begins with a wonderful beverage from our coffee bar. VIP offers private and semi-private pedicure rooms for the utmost in privacy and serenity. A warmed neck wrap is placed around the neck and shoulders for a deeper sense of relaxation while the whirlpool pedicure chairs offer additional massage. Reclining in our softly lit pedicure room with a relaxing eye wrap, this service offers added massage time for extra relaxation of legs and feet. This is a TOTAL relaxation pedicure with one hour of complete unplugging from the stress of the world!

50 minutes$60.00  

Healing Manicure & Nurturing Pedicure Combo

This is a great package! A complete manicure with our new IBX Healing Treatment that strengthens and repairs natural nails before beginning our hydrating and relaxing manicure.
The addition of a private/semi-private whirlpool pedicure room with dimly light relaxing surroundings to relax and unwind. Neck and eye wrap will be added for a sense of deeper relaxation with added massage time to legs and feet.

100 minutes$95.00  

2018 Mother's Day Vitamin C Powerhouse Facial

This facial makes a HUGE impact on how your skin looks and feels. VIP has merged two powerhouse companies into one amazing facial. Includes Vitamin C treatment from BOTH companies, custom facial peel, paraffin hand therapy, foot and anti-aging eye treatment as well as a luxurious neck, shoulder and arm massage! Save $55

50 minutes$100.00  

Mother's Day Nurturing Massage

It's time to give back to that nurturing person in your life. There is not a membership charge for our massage services. A relaxing and soothing massage with the addition of MoroccanOil Scalp treatment with head massage. Hydrate your skin while infusing a fabulous treatment for your Hair and scalp touching additional relaxation points to take your senses to a higher level.
A great service for a complete sense of well-being.

50 minutes$70.00  

Express Deep Tissue Massage & Express Facial

This is a GREAT way to experience two of our most relaxing services! Eminence Express Facial has the benefits of a facial in a shorter amount of time using the recently released Eminence Detox line. Your choice of three Eminence travel samples at time of facial.
A wonderful deep tissue massage will help with troubled spots causing pain and tension. It is a shorter vesion of our full massage but will still bring a sense of relaxation. This is a great package that can be split into two different booking times of 30 minutes each (service time is 25 minutes each) or booked together. A great way to experience two types of relaxation for someone special in your life.

50 minutes$99.00  



V.I.P. Premier Day Spa Package

This package includes a superior warm paraffin manicure and pedicure, a relaxing Swedish massage, and a world-renown Eminence organic facial.
This is approximately a four-hour booking; however, these services do not have to be booked on the same day.

Combo package - 4 hours$240.00  

Mini Retreat Spa Package

If you don’t have four hours to spend with us but need a Shorter pampered “get away” here it is: Receive a ½ hour Swedish massage, ½ hour organic facial and a warm paraffin manicure. This is approximately a two hour booking.

Combo package - 2 hours$122.00  

Bride to Be

•Beautiful Bridal Updo
•French Pedicure
•French Set of Nails
•Fabulous Bridal Makeup

VIP will custom work with the bride. We want not only your wedding to be memorable but also the preparation to your wedding to be a great experience. VIP is able to accommodate very large wedding parties as well as smaller more intimate parties. Please contact our salon for custom packages.
With any booking totaling $750 or more, the bride receives free trial makeup and formal updo, valued up to $135.n

4 hours$235.00  

Mommy to Be Package

This package includes a Prenatal Massage, French Manicure, Classic Spa Pedicure and a Classic Organic Facial.

Combo package - 4 hours$248.00  


Photofacial with Microdermabrasion! Regular Price $130 Limited time offer: $65



Fabulous results! Save $65 for a limited time. Both services for $65.... By popular demand we have extended this special for a short time! Purchase now and use later!

45 minutes$65.00  



V.I.P. Classic Manicure

Enjoy beautiful nails after your hands are wrapped in warm cabi towels to allow our hydrating vitamin-enriched lotion to soften skin followed by nail and cuticle care, arm and hand massage and then polish application.

45 minutes$28.00  

Classic Acrylics

60 minutes$55.00  


Acrylic fills

60 minutes$33.00  

French Manicure

Our classic manicure with pink and white French “Essie” polish.

50 minutes$38.00  

Set of Gel Nails

60 minutes$50.00  

V.I.P. Paraffin Manicure

This manicure helps dry skin and cuticles as your hands are immersed in soothing warm paraffin for added moisturizing benefits.

50 minutes$38.00  

Princess Manicure (age 12 and under)

A mini-manicure with polish for your little princess(age 12 and under).

30 minutes$15.00  

Pink and White Acrylics

60 minutes$65.00  
60 minutes$40.00  

Shellac/Gelish or OPI Gel Manicure

w/ Shellac or Gelish. This amazing manicure includes a hydrating paraffin soak as well as massage and application of Shellac or Gelish Polish in many beautiful colors without the need to wait for drying!

50 minutes$45.00  

Shellac Application Only

This is our gel polish application. We remove the gel polish, treat cuticles, shape nails and reapply gel color.

50 minutes$35.00  


Gel Nail Fills

60 minutes$33.00  

Color Change

30 minutes$15.00  

Nail Repairs

15 minutes$5.00  
15 minutes$6.00  
15 minutes$5.00  
15 minutes$5.00  

Soak Off

Soak off$20.00  
Soak off w/ manicure$30.00  
Soak off w/ new set$10.00  
Soak off w/ Paraffin Dip for hydration$20.00  



Spa Pedicure w/ Detox Pedicure Soak

Soothe your legs and feet in our whirlpool bath followed by exfoliation, nail and cuticle care, relaxing massage with hydrating lotion and polish. Includes Detox Pedicure Soak.

Combo package$90.00  

Hot Stone Pedicure

Classic Pedicure with addition of a deep heat therapeutic massage using warm stones to ease aching legs and increase energy flow.

50 minutes$65.00  

V.I.P. Paraffin Pedicure

Our classic pedicure with your feet wrapped in warm paraffin for additional hydration with your choice of a warm or cool aromatherapy neck wrap.

50 minutes$65.00  

Detox Pedicure Soak Only

Experience relief from many ailments while relaxing in a warm whirlpool bath. Toxins will be pulled through your body and released in the water you are soaking. Many have experienced a feeling of calm after this service. Precautions for certain conditions. Please check with our front desk or technicians before booking.

Detox pedicure soak$45.00  

Classic Spa Pedicure

Soothe your legs and feet in our whirlpool bath followed by exfoliation, nail and cuticle care, relaxing massage with hydrating lotion and polish.

50 minutes$50.00  

Princess Pedicure (age 12 and under)

30 minutes$25.00  


VIP Salon has taken much time, study, and effort to offer you, our customer, the BEST Medical-grade and Natural facial lines available in the United States.


Eminence Organic Facials 80.00

Is a natural plant-based professional line offered in resorts and spas around the world. Once you experience a facial with Eminence products, you will agree with the experience that comes with the product line. Pure, natural, and results driven…A gentle, yet effective product line that comes direct from the earth. Just ask Jennifer Aniston and Rebecca De Mornay, just to name a few who are addicted to this product line!

Stress Reliever Facial$45.00  

Skin Authority Glycolic Peel

Skin Authority has hand-picked VIP as one of their exclusive locations to offer its signature natural sugar cane skin glycolic peel. It is one of the best resurfacing and nourishing products in the world. Experience instant gratification with no down time with your first peel. Your skin will be radiant!

Glycolic Peel$65.00  

Microdermabrasion / Photofacial

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and polish the skin for a radiant complexion. Superior results with one treatment. Helps with acne breakouts and production of collagen stimulation and many more amazing benefits to the skin.

30 minutes$65.00  

Eye Services

Strip Eyelashes$25.00  
Mink Novalash Full Set$175.00  
Volume Novalash Full Set$200.00  

Express Eminence Organic Facial

A customized express facial depending on your skin's needs is perform in a shorter amount of time than our full facial but still with great results.

25 minutes$47.00  


Feel yourself unwind as one of our massage therapists use relaxing techniques to reduce stress and revitalize your body.


Swedish Massage

Classic massage soothes and relaxes the body while improving circulation.

Single 50 minute massage$65.00  
30 minutes$35.00  
Couples double 50 minute massage$130.00  

Deep Tissue

Therapeutic massage using deep pressure eases area of acute muscle tension and soreness.

Single 50 minute massage$75.00  
25 minutes$45.00  
Couples Deep Tissue 50 minute massage$150.00  

Gehwol Warming Massage

A wonderful massage using Gehwol Exclusive warming lotion to penetrate deeper into tight muscles and aching joints.
Your sense of relaxation is realized much sooner when receiving this massage.
Better circulation and lymphatic drainage are just a few of the benefits that massage provides.

50 minutes$85.00  

Hot Stone Massage

Deep relaxing heat of basalt stones combined with Swedish massage techniques used to de-stress your body and stimulate energy flow.

Single 50 minute massage$75.00  
50 minutes doubles$150.00  

Prenatal Massage

Safe massage techniques for the mother-to-be are used to relieve discomfort of chronic muscle tension, lower back pain and fluid retention. Enhances fetal development by increasing blood and lymph circulation. Our special pillow allows you to lay on your stomach for absolute relaxation. Up to 8 months of pregnancy only.

50 minutes$80.00  
30 minutes$45.00  

Scalp Massage

Enjoy a stress relieving massage of the scalp to stimulate circulation and revitalize your mind.

30 minutes$45.00  

Sinus Treatment

Soothing massage therapy and pressure point technique applied to the forehead relieving sinus pressure and congestion.

30 minutes$45.00  

Sugar Glows

Relax as your body is exfoliated with dead sea salts and grape seed oil leaving skin soft with a healthy glow.

50 minutes$60.00  

Aloe Body Wrap

Your body will be wrapped in warm cloths drenched in our signature aloe vera and herb solution. As the pores of your skin open the aloe vera will penetrate the protein wall around the fat cells and allow the essential herbs to begin dissipating the bulky toxins into the lymph system resulting in all over inch loss and detoxification.

Single Body Wrap$90.00  


VIP offers a strip ev=yelash application as well as NOVALASH. We offer Mink and Volumelash through our certified Novalash Specialist



Beautiful customized eyelashes in less than one hour!

Novalash Mink Full Set$175.00  
Novalash Volume Full Set$200.00  


We have amazing makeup artists to help you look your best for your special occasion. From Ultra Glamourous to more of a natural you, we can offer the look you are looking for!


Make-Up Application

Amazing artists at work. Our make-up application can be as simple as a light enhancement to your natural look or extreme for a night on the town! Let our artists assist you for all of your make-up needs.

50 minutes$50.00  
Bridal Makeup$65.00  
60 minutes$70.00  


VIP offers a variety of waxing services


Body Waxing Services

Bikini - starting at$51.00  
Brazilian - starting at$65.00  
Abs - starting at$55.00  
Toes/Feet - starting at$15.00  
Full Leg$81.00  
Upper Leg$39.00  
Lower Leg$40.00  
Full Arm$75.00  
Lower Arm$39.00  
Full Back - starting at$89.00  
Half Back - starting at$57.00  

Face Waxing Services

Eye Brow$18.00  
Tweezing - starting at$18.00  
Upper Lip$13.00  
Brow and Lip Combo$30.00  


VIP invites you to relax & enjoy the creative process of our HIGHLY EXPERIENCED HAIR DESIGNERS that are devoted to achieving success through ongoing education, mentoring & most importantly, absolute hair satisfaction for each and every client. We begin with a thorough consultation while using only the latest technology and innovative products available in the hair care industry. You will be advised of the products and tools to use at home to recreate our “salon” look.

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Permanent straightening and corrective color prices require a consultation.


Hair Cuts

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Starting at$40.00  

Men's Cut

Starting at$23.00  

Children's Cut - 11 & younger

Starting at $15.00  

Cut & Style

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Starting at$40.00  

Shampoo & Style

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Starting at$28.00  

Complete Color

Starting at $45.00  

Multi-Dimensional Color

Color w/ highlight added

Starting at$105.00  


Starting at$83.00  

Partial Highlights

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Starting at$63.00  

Brazilian Blowout

Enjoy the benefits of smooth humidity-resistant hair infused with Keratin that actually improves the texture of the hair by infusing Keratin into the hair cuticle. Will allow shorter drying time and much better texture and feel to the hair. This treatment is our mini which can last up to 30 days depending on the texture and condition of hair to begin with. Shampoo, wash and straightening can be done within one hour.

Mini blowout$75.00  

Mega Brazilian Blowout

This 12-16 week Keratin-based treatment can either be used with our formedehyde-free formula for curl relaxing and frizz free hair or for more resistant and bone-straight hair we have a low-formaldehyde option.

Depending on length and texture of hair, starts at$350.00  

Conditioning Treatments

Condition and blowout prices may vary depending on length and density of hair.

We offer K-Pak 4 step treatment
Surface Treatments

Starting at$15.00  
Add on to another hair service$20.00  
w/ a Blow Out - starting at$30.00  

Up Do

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

60 minutes$70.00  

Special Style

Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

45 minutes$35.00  


Fees may be slightly higher or lower depending on individual needs.

Starting at$83.00