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HAPPY 30TH VIP Salon and Spa!

September 11th, 2016 • Posted by Celebrating 30 Years! • Permalink




VIP Salon and Spa is celebrating 30 years on September 18th!

We can't thank our employees, clients and friends for all of their support throughout the last 30 years.


In honor of our birthday, VIP will be posting specials on Facebook and our Monthly E-blast that we send to clients! Please make sure that you are signed up!


You won't want to miss the fabulous specials coming up!

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                               DIP POWDERS!





VIP Salon and Spa is so excited to be announcing our new nail option...DIP POWDERS!


What are DIP POWDERS?     DIP POWDERS are a very fine powder enhanced with Calcium and Vitamin E derivatives that actually are healthy for the natural nail. The natural nails are actually 'DIPPED' into this fine clear or colored powder which adheres to the nail with a thin adhesive. The strength derived from this powder is amazing. It is thinner than acrylic and looks like Shellac with the strength that acrylic provides. The weight on the natural nail is so light that it feels like you have no product on your nails.


VIP Salon and Spa DIP POWDERS come in 200 colors, including custom french manicure colors, neons, mood changing colors, creams, sparkles or frosts. Our client's also have the option of simply booking a DIP Manicure which is a fabulous manicure with the enhancement of clear which strengths and protects your nails. You can polish over or even where your nails "au naturale".


The features that DIP POWDERS also provide is that the nails are completely dry within three minutes. There is no UV light needed; there is no odor. No more broken or chipped nails.


Seems wonderful? It is! It is the best thing that has hit the industry since.............Acrylic.......Shellac and now DIP............................. Try it! You won't believe how awesome it is!

 CALL VIP Salon and Spa in Riverview, Michigan for your appointment today! 734 479 1166


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Hair Extensions!

April 7th, 2016 • Posted by ZERO DAMAGE • Permalink

Hair Extensions come in many different types of application techniques as well as the type of hair used. They are one of the most awesome additions to the hair/beauty industry that has come along in a long time. You no longer have to wait years for that long, thick beautiful hair that you have always dreamed of; the hair of your dreams can be yours in less than two hours! The confusing thing is the application and the type of hair to use. This can actually be the deciding factors that can make this a fabulous experience or a downright nightmare. If you experience the incorrect application, you can actually experience hairloss, breakage, and end up with shorter hair than when you began your search to lengthen or thicken the look of your hair. A few of the different techniques that are available are tape in, heat infused, sew in or weave in, or bead in extensions. As far as the type of hair that is  available there is natural hair or synthetic hair. This as well as the technique is crucial to the success of your hair extensions. The type of hair that your choose can last a very short time up to a few years if taken care of. Yes, taking care of hair extensions is a must. You need to treat them with extra care. Gently brushing with a wide tooth comb, sleeping in a lose pony tail, conditioning and keeping out of chlorinated water are a few of the requirements to keep your locks in great shape. After your hair has grown, usually within 4- 8 weeks, the extensions need to be "tightened" or reapplied. With tape-ins, some technicians actually replace the tape in extensions. With sewn-in or bead in there are techniques that the extensions can be "moved up" so that they are not "loose" from the distance of growth.


Whatever your decision to have this fabulous service done, just do your homework and research the salon/hairdresser that is performing the service.  It can mean a fabulous service or a complete nightmare...




VIP Salon and Spa offers two techniques available with "in stock" quality hair.  One is the tape in technique and the other is a sew in.  Both require consultation and can be booked and installed the same day.  Looking for a few highlights?  We can also add those too!













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