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                               DIP POWDERS!





VIP Salon and Spa is so excited to be announcing our new nail option...DIP POWDERS!


What are DIP POWDERS?     DIP POWDERS are a very fine powder enhanced with Calcium and Vitamin E derivatives that actually are healthy for the natural nail. The natural nails are actually 'DIPPED' into this fine clear or colored powder which adheres to the nail with a thin adhesive. The strength derived from this powder is amazing. It is thinner than acrylic and looks like Shellac with the strength that acrylic provides. The weight on the natural nail is so light that it feels like you have no product on your nails.


VIP Salon and Spa DIP POWDERS come in 200 colors, including custom french manicure colors, neons, mood changing colors, creams, sparkles or frosts. Our client's also have the option of simply booking a DIP Manicure which is a fabulous manicure with the enhancement of clear which strengths and protects your nails. You can polish over or even where your nails "au naturale".


The features that DIP POWDERS also provide is that the nails are completely dry within three minutes. There is no UV light needed; there is no odor. No more broken or chipped nails.


Seems wonderful? It is! It is the best thing that has hit the industry since.............Acrylic.......Shellac and now DIP............................. Try it! You won't believe how awesome it is!

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